A better way to say”no”, and noted that weekend

Happy weekend, friends. We are celebrating our first family birthday of the self-isolation of today: our baby, Henry, take 5! Thankfully, we have been spending time with our parents and my sister’s family, so he will get a small family party complete with backyard swimming, presents, and his number one request: cookies ice cream and cream cakes from the he-B😉it’s only 7:30, which is a few block I’ve got a self-birthday boy:


Henry right when he woke up: “The bad news. This is the worst day is 5. (I said: Why?). Because my stomach kind of hurt.

H, see a mirror: This is Strange. (I said: What?) I also like the look 4!

H: Measure me on the wall. (I said: Why?) To check, if I really 5.


I’m so grateful I get to be this guy’s mother–he brings so much sweetness and color to our lives every day. Now do waffles and celebrate him! Rolling on to my favorite reads of the network this week, I’d love to hear any post/podcast/show, you have to love the comments.

Favorite reads:

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