8 popular Disney movies on Netflix that you can watch right now

If you still don’t have a subscription to Disney+but missing those magical movies you’ll be pleased to know that Netflix is still showing the few Disney movies.

The streaming service provides a diverse collection of Disney features, from the traditional animation of the new activity. While all of these may migrate to Disney+in the future, now is the time to catch them in look while you still can.

Ready to use your imagination, as we take a closer look at the eight Disney movies you can watch via Netflix now.

1. The Princess and the Frog

8 popular Disney movie, you can watch now

Picture: Moviestore/snapshot

In 2009, Disney World Tiana, its first black Princess. Her bold, hard-working and a true icon, thanks to her perseverance and down-to-earth personality.

Tiana’s story takes place in 1920s New Orleans, where she dreams of trading her waitress job, a restaurant owner. However, after she kisses a Prince-turned-frog wants to make his people again(and get money for her eating establishment in exchange), she turned into a muddy creature, yourself.

Although the actress Yes the No. 1 reason to see this fairy tale, the fantastic hand-drawn painting is a close second.

Where to look: The main and the Frog Is now streaming on Netflix.

2. 2 Superman

8 popular Disney movie, you can watch now

Smash sequel Superman It has been found its home Netflix. Although the first movie has the incredible Mr. trying to get back to hero work, this one has his wife Elastigirl to take the lead after she was recruited to scout out a mysterious villain known as the Screenslaver.

At the same time, in the home of Mr. Incredible to learn that he can best serve his family(the world)by taking care of his three children. Unfortunately, the management of One Love hit the teen, a super 10-year-old and a baby who just discovered his super powers is no easy task.

Perhaps the story is Small Predictable, but the humor of the situation and the cutting of the action sequences make it worth your time.

Where to look: 2 Superman Is now streaming on Netflix.

3. Save the Bank, Mr.

8 popular Disney movie, you can watch now

Image: Ruby/Kappa/snapshot

If you’re looking for a more Mature Disney hit, this period drama, which tells a slightly disguised version of how the original Aunt Mary Came to the big screen, might be worth a look.

In Save the Bank, Mr., Walt Disney(Tom Hanks)trying to persuade author P. L. Travers(Emma Thompson)to give him the creative freedom to adapt her Aunt Mary Children’s book into a movie. However, Travers is reluctant to let Hollywood profit off her story, especially due to the importance they have in her life.

Flashbacks show that Travers’difficult children, forced her to become the possession of her characters, especially Georges Bank.

Where to look: Save the Bank, Mr. Is now streaming on Netflix.

4. Ralph will destroy the Internet

8 popular Disney movie, you can watch now

Like with SupermanThe original The wreck of the King The movie is only available at Walt Disney+, but its sequel still ready to stream Netflix.

Ralph will destroy the Internet Start the game in the Litwak’s arcade to get online. Although star Street know something about a new wireless channel has been opened in the game Central Station, Ralph and Winnie exposed within the enterprise after Grab the sugar Wheel off and the game is a risk people get permanently unplugged. Their goal: buy a new wheel on eBay. As soon learns, however, that browsing the Internet is not an easy task.

Although the film’s lively online references may not be relevant many years down the road, it is colorful, sharp, well-drawn—so you should see it while it’s still the life of the rights.

Where to look: Ralph will destroy the Internet Is now streaming on Netflix.

5. Christopher Robin

8 popular Disney movie, you can watch now

Image: The Walt Disney Company

The story of Winnie the Pooh to a whole new perspective in this 2018 play. Although many of the roles of the classic children’s franchise is brought to life in Christopher RobinThe film’s layered themes and the warmth of its universal appeal.

Grow up, all business Christopher Robin(Ewan McGregor)has forgotten his friends from the Hundred Acre Wood after he saw his father dead, married an architect,had a daughter, and provided in the the Second World War. Worried about the security of his work, Christopher spend time with his family choose to stay at home from a trip, they have plans to put their cottages. This is when Pooh stumbles into London, and that Christopher, who needs Pooh’s help, just like the Bears need him.

Where to look: Christopher Robin Is now streaming on Netflix.

6. Walt Disney Animation apartments short films collection

8 popular Disney movie, you can watch now

This collection of shorts is perfect for those who want a taste of the Disney magic and not the commitment of a full movie. There are twelve short films, including a total Mickey-centric”get a horse,”romance”paper people”and a puppy-the perfect”feast.”

Although these films obviously Disney, each of them features different animation techniques and topics that will separate them. Their mixed emotions and style will make you fascinated.

Where to look: Walt Disney Animation apartments short films collection Is now streaming on Netflix.

7. Bolt

8 popular Disney movie, you can watch now

Picture: Moviestore/snapshot

Bolt(John Travolta)is the hero of a TV series along the his child-star’s owner, Penny(Miley Cyrus). Although the dog uses his”Super bark”to save her the villain the screen, he thinks he can save the day off screen, because the producers of the show have tricked him to believe that his TV show is real life. Therefore, after a build-up Beam in a suspense, the Bolt to escape from his trailer Hollywood find a penny, only to realize the Closed Curtain of the world plays by different rules.

Bolt Sometimes by favour of the Renaissance of the Disney movie or the update of the hit favorite Frozen And MoanaBut it should not be. It has a creative story, a smart visual effects and tons of cute animals.

Where to look: Bolt Is now streaming on Netflix.

8. Mary’s aunt returns

8 popular Disney movie, you can watch now

Photo: Jay Maidment/Walt Disney/Kappa/snapshot

Original Aunt Mary Released in 1964, but this did not stop Tony from creating the subsequent 50 many years after. This time, Emily Blunt took the role of the titular nanny and Lin Manuel Milan standards recorded with her new lighting partner.

In the 1930s the London Maria, aunt to head back to the banker family of the children she used to care for Jane and Michael, still grieving the loss of Mike’s wife. In addition, Michael is at risk of losing his child home if he could not find the money he needs. Despite the dark, Mary Poppins decided to take his three children on a whimsical adventure and give them new reasons to stay hopeful.

Mary’s aunt returns Action a little slow, but it is the magic the visual effects of the administration’s fans.

Where to look: Mary’s aunt returns Is now streaming on Netflix.

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