7-year-old Simone Lim is Oceania’s adorable new Pokémon champion

Simone Lin is the best, like no one ever was, and now the cute seven-year-old Pokémon trainer has a championship to prove it.

The Pokémon Oceania International Championships conducted in Melbourne, Australia weekend, the finals of all the sectors occur on a Sunday. Pokémon trainers from all over the world gather to test themselves in video and card games, fighting Glory, Glory, and a modest cash reward.

This year, the highlight of the game wonderful Youth Championship Grand finally Pokémon sword And ShieldIn this Singapore coach and a relatively new Simone Lam has made an incredible read to win both the title and everyone’s mind.

Lim is Justin Miranda-Radbord, the older, more experienced Pokémon trainer and a favorite to win. He is a formidable opponent, having previously won multiple international Championships-including last year’s Oceania title. Seeded first and has not in the entire loss of the event, the odds seem to be stacked Miranda-Radbord of all ages.

In contrast, while Lim previously placed in the top four in two regional championship, she is also in her first competitive season. Seeded seventh and a run of three wins and two losses, 2020 Oceania International Championship is her first major race. Lim is the clear underdog in the matchup,and her work waiting for her.

Lin and Miranda-Radbord each took a victory, sending the primary finals match into a deciding third game. Unfortunately for Lin, Miranda-Radbord soon weakened her lineup to just one Pokémon—Rock/Dark-type Tyranitar. This is a two for one, because he’s ground/rock types Rhypherior and Ghost-type Dusclops are left in the field.

This is an unstable situation in the Forest, who need to read her opponent carefully for any hope of victory. However, in her post-match interview, Lim said she knew Miranda-Radbord will use to protect his Rhypherior. This prompted her to use her Tyranitar crunch out the Dusclops first and then attack the Rhypherior with superpowers to secure her win.


Lim offers a shy smile after winning, while one of the friends rushed over to give her a big hug. Clutching a Zlatan Ibrahimovic plush-almost as big as herself in her interview, Lim said she was delighted after her win, and thank her friends, family and coaches.

Forest to win is probably one of the most wholesome moments in competitive video game has seen, and the Internet absolutely loves it.

Here is Simone is a bold, bright future as a Pokémon training. Who knows, maybe one day she will even have a gym of her own.

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