68-mile-long scar from the tornado of violence seen from space

A tornado hit the South hard on Easter Sunday, just because By the National Weather Service. Three days later, a National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration(NOAA)satellite image taken a long scar left by the day is a strong password.

The image shows a 68-mile-long scar in Mississippi, this is the land crushed by the EF-4 tornado, the second-most destructive type of tornado.

The Easter tornado of scars.

The Easter tornado of scars.

Tornado is the most violent type of storm. In Mississippi alone, the Easter password .

At the same time, in Georgia, an Easter tornado Moving house To the middle of the road.

Spring time tongue twisters in the Gulf Coast States. A tornado usually forms from a dangerous type of rain with a rotating updraft, known as a super. Meteorologists can predict the chaotic atmospheric conditions, will produce a super Lattice, and thus the potential for violent tornadoes.

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