5 tips for creating a meditation space in your home, you will actually use

Home should be an oasis of calm, which bring us happiness, especially when the world is busy. I say, there is no better feeling than coming home the end of a long day where I relax and turn my house into a protection zone has been more important than ever, because A is isolated in COVID-19. I have been re-arranged and refurbished to surround their objects with my favorite color makes me feel calm and focused, and family photos and ornaments to bring back happy memories with friends and family.

However, I know I’m not alone when I say that these past few months have been sent to my anxiety rising way of feeling a little out of my control, and there is one thing that help me cope has been to start a daily meditation practice. I’ll be honest, prior to this isolation, I’m not sold on meditation and all the benefits of the experts say that it has for your mind and body. I had tried this before in a yoga class, or even have several apps on my phone, but it wasn’t until I read this quote the portion of the space co-founder Andy Puddicomb, I decided to submit to it by 30 naive to try it out and see if it can help me with my anxiety. (Spoiler alert: Really Not.)

“The mind,”he said,”if we give up it, if we do not take any time to look after it, it will start to collapse and we will not experience life the happiest way possible. We often think that happiness is in the future: if we just get that thing, if we get that job, if we go to that place, if we can just be with that person. We are always looking to the future and some of the other places in the hope that we will find it. You have to give up looking for happiness outside of yourself. The only thing to do is get comfortable of mind as it is. Whether it is a busy mind or a quiet mind. Ideas you like, ideas you don’t like. Pleasant feelings, unpleasant feelings—you just need to get comfortable.”

Wow. Light bulb! This is when it all changed for me. Now I read this, I need to stop trying to answer all the unknown world right now just sitting in my uncomfortable feeling to try and work through them. What I need is there. I need patience. I need the quiet. I need a meditation practice.

Input:my personal meditation space. Having a designated meditation space, let me in my home is dedicated to silence, stillness and get comfortable I am very uncomfortable, anxious thoughts.

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I suggest we create a special corner or even a room in their home practice of daily meditation; a space that provides with the opportunity to charge the body and spirit, and keep your balance. You absolutely do not need an entire room–empty corner, a space in your closet, bathroom, living room, or even in your backyard or garden will work just fine. You just need to set aside a special place that is completely devoted to being still and working out your mind. This is a little about space and more about the about the selection of and priority to an area where you can focus on you even just five minutes a day.

When creating your own personal meditation space, there are certain things thinking that it will help improve your practice, reassuring environment, careful design of details, the little things will go a long way in creating a feeling of Zen.

Here are 5 tips to help you create the perfect meditation space in your home, you actually want to use every day. Namasteeee.

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Pick a place that has natural light.

Natural light is a huge help and I feel awake, grounded, so focused. I recommend choosing an area in your home for your own personal meditation space has a window or skylight and allow natural light to enter your space. If you live in a small apartment or have minimal Windows, consider re-thinking certain room or area in your home to adapt to—you can sacrifice some space in your WFH area, a dining area, or a home devoted to your meditation space? Get creative and choose the perfect angle—remember, this is a space, you will(hopefully)be using every day, and re-consider areas that may not get exhausted initially thought might be the best option, for creating your perfect meditation space at home.

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Keep it clean and neat.

When it comes to a meditation space, is often more. You want this space to feel bright bright and clean. Moreover, with clutter around, you will most likely make you feel more cluttered in your mind. Try to select an area that has distractions like the TV or computer out of sight. Remember, the whole point of meditation is to eliminate stress from your life, so don’t cause extra stress by trying to perfect for a meditation space. You want a minimal, no-frills, quiet, relaxing space, you can immediately make you feel calm when you step into it.

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Make it feel calm and comfortable.

When you meditate, you want to as you can, so loading the carpet, throwing, meditation cushion or floor pillow can change your corner becomes a comfortable meditation in the Oasis. We love to layer a sheepskin on the carpet, and use large pillows to deck out the space. Or, if you have the budget, consider investing in a few meditation cushions—they are designed to help reduce pressure in certain parts of the body, because I know it can be challenging to retain if your leg is asleep, or your back starts to hurt. We also like to use sound baths(if you don’t want to buy your own, there are also a lot of the sound bath of the playlist you can play instead), Himalayan salt lamps and candle is another great and easy way to set up a comfortable, peaceful atmosphere in your space.

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With nature.

Nature is organically relaxing and healing, so it is important to bring some natural elements into your mediation space. At the same time, it’s ideal to sit in the sand on the beach or another calm, outdoor environment, it is not always possible if you live in a busy city environment like yourself. However, the increase in natural contact with plants, stones and/or trees, your meditation space, will be immediately injected into it with harmony and balance. You can choose any of the natural elements that you like or any type of nature brings you joy—it can be a potted plant, a vase of cut flowers, and small succulent garden, cans filled with sand or shells or even a small electric water fountain, drip in the corner if you have the space(talk about Zen vibes!) If you want to keep things compact, built-in shelves are an ideal way to display a large number of small green things without encroaching on valuable real estate in your space.

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Increase a personal contact.

When you create the mediation space, you have to include some your own personal touch. This can be anything from a smell, sound, or object that particularly soothes your body and relax your mind. Want to put something like a diffused essential oil candles, bells, chimes, crystals, a Buddha statue,mala beads words of affirmation,or works of art. Adding any of these to your space are a great way to create a tranquil and peaceful environment that feels unique to you, allows you to get happy and focus on thinking. Remember, however, that you do not overcrowd the space. It is important to clean and clear surroundings to keep your mind open. Choose only a few pieces of time, and exchange them for different people every now and again if you can’t decide. Remember, this is a personal experience,the purpose is to motivate you to talk to yourself, so have some fun!

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