5 free software for creative people and teamwork digitally

The creative team rely on the free and easy flow of ideas of cooperation and inspires new ideas. When you have to work the numbers, these free applications can help facilitate the creation and discussion of new ideas.

The most obvious starting point for creative brainstorming is to use mind mapping tool. This article will not, because we already reviewed the best free mind mapping application a single user or user Team.

Instead, we will focus on tools that facilitate creative collaboration in a range of areas, such as design, writing, music, etc.

1. Red pen(Web): the fastest way to collaborate the images, designs and models

The red pen is the fastest way to label and annotate images as a team

The red pen is the fastest and most simple way to collaborate the images, designs and models. Create an account, upload an image, give it a name and description, you are ready to go. Click anywhere on the image to start a new comment. Then share and cooperation.

Anyone with a link can see now all the comments. You can mention other users in comments, add [email protected] Press Ctrl+C to see all of the comments list form.

You can also create projects, which are basically folders where you add as many images you want. Red pen with unlimited images and unlimited collaborators.

The site has a terrible”14 day trial”sign in all the time, but don’t worry, the red pen is still free after a period of time. Then, you will be in the basic plan, which lets you upload a single image(without any project), and finally to 20 days before being automatically deleted. If the item you want and the image last forever, check out plan, starting at $ 5 per month.

2. Dextra(Android, iOS): social network to find free creative collaborators

Where do you go to find creative people who want to collaborate, your ideas? Try Dextra, a social network for artists, designers, writers, musicians, filmmakers and all other types of artists to find like-minded collaborators.

The first step is to create your own personal profile and add”dexes”, which is a social network term for their skills. To add variety, and select your level of competency in each. Based on these skills, Dextra will show you an open item, and other people looking for partners. It spans a variety of project areas; for example, if you are a writer, you will see everything from blog writing screenplays.

You can also create your own project, fill in its details, and want the other person to be registered. The next step is for the partners to talk and see whether they are suitable as a creative team. Once you hate all the boxes, the item is added to the ongoing portfolio. In the meantime, please browse other items to find some cool stuff to get your creative juices flowing.

Download: Dextra Android|iOS(free)

3. Chanty(web, Windows, mac os,Linux,Android, iOS): chat application task management

Simply put, Chanty is a chat-like application Slack, but has a powerful task management and to-do list of features baked into it. The free version can be up to 10 people in a team and has everything you will need from a chat app for collaboration.

Any line said in the chat that can turn into a task. This task can be re-assigned to any team member. You can view all the tasks in a convenient”task”room, and with each task marked done, to comment, to create your own task discussion thread or delete it forever. The funny thing is, there is no simple method to set a deadline for any task.

In addition to the tasks, Chanty will most things, any chat-like app relaxation will be. You can create a room, search through the chat logs, leaving voice mails, share files(up to 20GB), the integration of other applications, and help you just like you would in any chat room.

Download: Chanty desktop for Windows|mac os|Linux / Deb|Linux RPM(free)

Download: Chanty movement of the machine|iOS(free)

4. CryptPad(Web): privacy collaborative online office suites chat

CryptPad is a focus on the privacy of the online office Suite internal chat and other collaboration capabilities

CryptPad is a privacy-protecting alternative Docs, Microsoft Office network, as well as other online office suites. And at the same time protection of privacy, it still allows real-time collaboration between creative partners.

The set includes a rich text(e.g. word processing), presentations, spreadsheets, coding, Kanban, whiteboards, online polls, and cloud storage. Registered users get 1gb of free storage, you will need to register the shared file. However, these users do not need a CryptPad account open or download a file, you give it to them.

The application program itself looks and acts like any office Suite,so you will feel right at home at the same time, use them. In a nice move, CryptPad adds a chat room application, therefore, in addition to reviews, you can actually chat with the collaborators for a more freewheeling discussion. It’s a feature you won’t find in Docs or Microsoft Office, it may be a game changer.

Brainsparker the creative card will inspire new ideas to break out of a creative mental block

Stuck in a creative rut? Brainsparker is a free online card to help inspire new ideas and provide creative inspiration. Use it by yourself or as a team to start the brainstorming process.

This is a cool but simple process. Once you find yourself stuck, open the card and play. The animation cycles through all of the Brainsparker card at a fast pace. Suspend or video shots to find a card and write or discuss all the ideas inspired. Use the best free screen sharing app

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Put the card game into an experience of cooperation with creative partners.

There are five free card packs on the website, as well as on the iPhone app: starter, visual, magazines, kids and kickstart. Everyone has their own set of inspirational ideas to change your point of view, like”Challenger”or”trust your instincts”or”create a limit”, etc. By exercising for some time and you have to break your mental block.

Download: Brainsparker iOS(free)

The best free Whiteboard app

If none of these apps are what you’re looking for, maybe you just need a blank, you and your collaborators can brainstorm. On the Internet there are free digital alternatives of the electronic whiteboard

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You should check it out.

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