$40 off MyHeritage DNA tests will take ‘family fun’ to the next level

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TL;DR: MyHeritage is kicking off the holiday season with a 60% Black Friday discount on their DNA test. At $39 down from $79, this is the best price of the year. 

The holiday season is all about family. You know the drill: your mom probes about your dating life; your uncle goads you with political jabber; grandma scoffs at your caloric intake in one breath and forces pie on you in another. Why not shake things up for once by adding a DNA test into the mix?

DNA tests are a great way to learn where that crazy family of yours comes from, and MyHeritage is the best-priced option out there, sale or no sale. Their holiday discount sweetens the deal by bringing their $79 DNA test down to just $39.

MyHeritage analyzes your DNA, then breaks it down into a list of regions. It gives you an “Ethnicity Estimate” that determines what percentage of your ancestors originate from each of their 42 supported ethnic backgrounds. Depending on your results, you might consider incorporating new ancestry-inspired traditions into your holiday celebrations.

How does MyHeritage compare to other big-name DNA and ancestry companies? We’ve looked into them all, and MyHeritage is not only the most affordable, but faster than most of its competitors, bringing you results in just three to four weeks. 

With their Black Friday deal, that three-to-four week delivery comes just in time for the holidays. Which brings us back to that awesome, sometimes tiresome clan of yours. MyHeritage compares your DNA with others in its database, and will actually connect you with living kin that you didn’t know existed. It’s a good workaround when your grandparents drop hints that they want you to grow the family tree.

Check out MyHeritage’s Black Friday deal to take advantage of their budget-friendly DNA service.

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