4 material watermelon mint Margarita we drank all summer

It took me 31 years to learn to outsmart the unbearably hot Texas sun, I still can’t help but jump for joy in the warm temps and carefree mood. June kicked off what I like to think”summer slowdown”. The sunshine duration is longer(more time in the pool!), The working day is shortened(quarter fake!), The weather grew hot(the grill is on!) And fortunately, this means more excuses for margaritas.

I have a real love of watermelon. In my twenties, my summer dinner often includes a bowl with a fork, the mountain of ice-cold watermelon cubes. Although my cooking skills to the way, since then, I still find myself looking for work, the watermelon to my diet all summer long.

These margaritas are my new favorite way. I can’t take credit for the idea.—weeks ago in our first lake anniversary, my husband took us the rest of the watermelon into the freezer, a few hours later, surprised me with a tequila-spiked, slushy-like treat I, admittedly, consumed a little Too Quickly giving the tequila content. But this is sooo Refreshing I can’t help myself—I immediately knew we had our new drink of the summer.

So here I am, spread the word. Move over roses, for tonight we taste the watermelon mint margaritas.

There is one thing I like about this recipe is that it relies entirely on the sweet frozen watermelon. Oftentimes, I order a Margarita at a restaurant and it Sweet. Too sweet. I like that I can make this recipe at home and have complete control over the sweetness, without actually having to add any sweetener.

This does not mean that it is important to get your hands on a watermelon at its peak of maturity. But don’t worry, if you find yourself with a more than stellar melons you can always add a splash of simple syrup or a squeeze of honey to add to the fun. Mint is totally optional and a little goes a long way to go, but I love the garden-fresh taste it added. And tequila? Well, this is self-explanatory.


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