21 Marvel Funko Pop! figures on sale this weekend

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These Funko Pop! figures will make great gifts for friends (or yourself).
These Funko Pop! figures will make great gifts for friends (or yourself).

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The holidays are about to roll around (even though it was clearly just February, right?), which means that you need to figure out what to use as stocking stuffers yet again. Might we suggest a Funko Pop! or two?

These cute little figurines are a joy to own — and they’re all designed after our favorite pop culture icons. Here, we’ve rounded up 21 Marvel figures on sale as of Oct. 25, so you can gift your loved one a little Ant-Man or Hulk.

Thanos isn’t exactly our favorite character from the bunch (we’re still bitter), but his Guardians of the Galaxy Funko Pop! form is irresistible. Why? Because it glows in the dark! For just $28.74, you can take it home.

Remember that one time Thor became a super cool gladiator in Sakaar? He’s now been immortalized in the form of this super adorable Funko Pop! figure. Typically $16, the price has been smashed (lol) down to $14.94.

Arguably one of the coolest heroes in the galaxy, this equally cool Captain Marvel figure is waiting to be added to your Funko collection. Grab it on sale for $14.94.

You may not be lucky enough to have of Iron Man’s suits, but at least you can own this War Machine toy. For a limited time, you can get it on sale for $16.09.

Ant-Man is typically so minuscule that you can’t see him. But this time around, he’s grown to just a little over three inches in order to score a place in your collection. Get this figurine for only $16.09.

He may look angry, but this little Hulk is here to spread holiday cheer! Santa who? Snag this jolly Hulk on sale for $14.94.

Catch Spider-Man in his coolest form. The Iron Spider features our friendly neighborhood Spider-Man donning the special suit Tony Stark made for him. Typically $24, it’s on sale for $21.84.

Don’t be alarmed. When Christmas rolls around, Peter Parker wears an ugly sweater just like you do. Grab this festive Spider-Man figurine for $14.94.

Hey, it’s not every day that we get to see The Hulk wearing, uh, anything. This special figure has our favorite hothead wearing the Quantum Suit, making it a worthy addition to your collection. Get it for $16.09 for a limited time.

Lunch Box: Captain Marvel

Captain Marvel doesn’t need a weapon, but occasionally, she does have a lunch box in tow. Get this special Funko figurine for only $16.09.

Ah, yes. It’s Thanos in his prime, complete with the infamous Infinity Gauntlet. It’s part of the Infinity War series, so you’ll regret it if you don’t add this Funko to your collection. Grab it for $20.69.

Look, it’s Iron Man wearing one of his finest suits! You know you want to add it to your Funko collection. Get it on sale for $18.39.

Oh, look at her go! It’s Captain Marvel soaring the skies! And she’ll definitely want to land at your desk. Typically $44, it’s on sale for $40.24.

Can you really say Avengers assemble without having this Quantum Suit-sporting Tony Stark? It’s usually $16, but it’s on sale for $14.94.

Don’t forget, Thor, too. He’s looking fresh and ripped (of course) in this special Funko Pop collection. Get it for only $14.94.

For only $42.52, you will get not one, not two, but three Funko Pops. And it’s not just any Funko Pop! — this deal nets you Hulk, Rescue, and Thor. What more could you ask for?

Thanos is also available in Chrome, which is part of a special collector’s edition collection. It can be yours for $40.24.

Do you stan of the leader of the Inhumans? You don’t want to miss this sale on Black Bolt’s figurine. Get it on sale for $14.94.

The Hulk is always green, but sometimes, he’s chrome, just like in this special Marvel Studios 10th-anniversary version of his Funko Pop. Add it to your collection for only $21.84.

So what if Black Widow won’t be released until next year? For now, you can get your fix with this figurine for only $18.39.

It’s not just Nebula who’s made out of some kind of metal. Her sister Gamora is, too, at least here. Normally $20, it’s on sale for $18.39.

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