20 delicious Christmas morning Breakfast recipes

Ever since Phoebe was born, we’ve invited two of our family join us tomorrow morning in our house on Christmas gifts expand and a big holiday Breakfast. There is nothing more comfortable than lazy around in sleep to noon, drink cocoa out of a holiday Cup and play what new toys are under the tree(and by”toys”, I mean recipes and jewelry if I’m lucky.)

The center of our Breakfast is always my mom’s famous almond G fruit directly out of the oven, and I usually make a big fruit salad, crispy bacon and a Mimosa paired.

In this regard, today I’ve rounded up the 20 show-stopping Christmas morning Breakfast recipe, which is certainly the piéce de resistance of any morning of the holiday collection. Although I can’t resist throwing in Only one Chia seed parfait, and the rest are full of indulgence feels like a once a year treat. Click through and prepare to pin…

Image via top with cinnamon

Homemade from the croissants Top with cinnamon

Chai French toast from Camille Styles

Boiled eggs and ham from the Breakfast sandwiches Salt and lavender

Bake the meetings or activities of the black beans, Kale from the The Bojon gourmet

Pumpkin cinnamon rolls spices from Camille Styles

Blueberry banana from the pancakes Love and lemons

Rustic French toast with roasted raspberries&almonds from Italian ricotta cheese Artful Desperado

Baked Apple cider donuts with brown oil glaze from the Camille Styles

Blueberry baked oatmeal from A Cup of Joe

Overnight removal cream cinnamon rolls Half Baked Harvest

Raspberry&Chia seed super from cake Camille Styles

Triple Berry Cinnamon Swirl Bread Happy Baker

Apple almond cake from Breakfast Camille Styles

Build your own waffle bar Camille Styles

Glazed Apple pie from The Kitchn

Pesto and goat cheese omelet from Camille Styles

Salted caramel Apple muffins from Camille Styles

Almonds and raspberries from the croissants Hint of vanilla

Cranberry&pumpkin seed granola from Camille Styles

Build your own bagel bar Camille Styles

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