1958 FIFA World Cup-News-Pele-gold eyes

  • Pele, then 17, shot the trophy he won for the first time in 1958
  • He will win again in 1962 and 1970, setting a tournament record
  • Father’s tears under the 1950 year-end losses, resulting in impossible commitments

Bailey just nine years old when Brazil lost the 1950 FIFA World Cup final to Uruguay.

“This is the first time I saw my father cry, and all because of the failure,”he said FIFA.com In the year 2014. “I remember I said to him:’do not cry, dad. I will win the World Cup for you.'”

This is Bailey later admitted that a spontaneous and futile attempt to raise his father’s spirits. “I’m just out because I don’t know what else to say,”he reflected.

But eight years later, there he was-a little boy turns into a giant 17-year-old Seleção Star for fulfilling this commitment. His style too, bagging a brilliant support–his fifth and sixth goals of the game in an emphatic 5-2 win for the hosts Sweden.

Even the Swedish players are in awe. “After the fifth goal, I don’t want to mark Pele any more. I want to commend him,”said midfielder Seeger Parling.

The young man himself, having secured the trophy of the-largely as a result of, 1950 Maracanazo -Become an obsession,”overcome emotions”.

“My first thoughts were about my family,”Bailey wrote in his autobiography. “No they know we are the Champions? I want to tell my parents, but also no phone, so I kept saying,’I’m going to tell my dad, I want to tell my dad.’

“I can only say to him in the next days, the use of international radio. I can remember saying this:’Have you Seen My king of Sweden? Come here,’and”I shook the King’s hand. Over.’ “

His father had seen and marvelled at it all. Affect it only become obvious when the two people reunited. As Bailey recalled:”I saw my father cry again…this time with happiness.”

You know what??

This famous photo, which capture Bailey’s love story has a trophy, he won three times, has a prominent place in the A Cup football Museum is the most outstanding performance.

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