10 video games we can’t wait to play in 2020

It is time to stop living in the past, Man. This year coming to an end, which means that the backlog is filled with”last year”favorite. Set aside the old news to support the new spicy.

The New Year means a brand new game to get excited about. You some of the most hyped the most love will be great. Other people will be disappointed. However, in this particular moment, with the new, not subject to interference from a full year’s worth of release in front, you the game of life is full of possibilities.

Here mix and match entertainment headquarters, we have seen through the list and note the message. Although it is by no means a complete list of the 2020 Games we are very happy to play, they are the ones that we find ourselves thinking about the most based on everything revealed so far.

1. Marvel’s the Avengers


Of course people are hype Marvel’s the Avengers. But the more we learn about what the game actually is, is more of the hype seems to be justified. There’s the story of, Kamala Khan(aka Ms. Marvel), and her quest to re-form to break the Avengers the year after they drive by a terrible and very public mistakes. Outside of that story, we also know that there is a very online-oriented experience in all relevant cooperation with friends and chase Force enhanced loot a La Fate. The miracle of the first big budget Super Hero games after the MCU world are looking for a variety of promising.

Release date: May 15, 2020

2. Animal Crossing: New Horizons


Animal Crossing game is like warm, soft blankets:welcome, reassuring, and begs you to wrap yourself in them forget the outside world. In the turmoil of the last year, I found myself craving the familiar comfort of the Animal Crossing games, Animal Crossing: New Horizons It seems that this would be the perfect way to get away from the daily stresses of life. Camping on an island with a group of neighbouring countries, friendly animals, fishing, digging up fossils, running small errands, pay the loans on their calendar to the only good landlords exist: Tom’s corner. It just looks so peaceful and wonderful.

Release date: October 20, 2020

3. Empire of sin


Here’s the sound: you are a young and coming mobster in 1920’s Chicago. Maybe you even Al Capone himself. Use your wits and what little heap of head start you came to town, you have to build a criminal Empire spread throughout the multi-the Windy City City. Empire of sin Played out at two levels. You have to worry about the big picture, send your thugs and guiding the resources of any criminal enterprise you want to pursue. But you also get to street level, the residue was hit out, so that in the moment tactical decision-making, to ensure that your crew stay safe and survive. All of these show the background of an unpredictable”live”the city ensure that no two playthroughs will ever be the same.

Release date: 2020 spring

4. Doom Eternal


Doom Eternal It seems badass. It needs all the positive action, brutal kills, and top-level design, the 2016 Doom So thrilling and dig deeper. Well, maybe it is mining higher? Doom With our in-depth hell but in Doom EternalHell has risen and taken on Earth. Not only that, the player will go to heaven to kick even more ass. Last.

Release date: March 20

5. Human


The Civilization series has always offered a very specific type of game with a very specific type of player. HumanFrom the amplitude of the Studio, looks like it’s purpose is to head a similar itch. Just like Civ, you start at the dawn of humanity to make a choice, affecting the mode selection of cultural development. But when you from one era of human development to the next–there are six in total–you choose one New Cultural development. This select mixed in with your top choice(s), and over time you the development of society is determined by different effects, to return to its earliest start. It remains to be seen if this is enough Human Apart from the series inspired, but the premise raises some intriguing possibilities.

Release date: 2020

6. Resident Evil 3


Renaissance Resident Evil has is a wonderful thing to witness and experience. Resident Evil 7 Is one of the greatest games of the decade, then Resident Evil 2 The remake followed it up with a stunning, modern take on the 90s classic. If the Resident Evil 3 Come close to the quality of these two games,we are in for another game competitor, from Capcom. The trailer looks very large and very small glimpse of the terrorism is the Revenge of the goddess is enough to raise the heart rate.

Release date: April 3

7. Gear Tactical


It’s always cool to see familiar with the game franchise twisted in a new direction, this is what happened Gear Tactical. This fresh interpretation of super popular Xbox series The Great Human war, against the evil foreign forces as a game that rewards patience and strategic thinking. If your X-COM game, which should be attractive. Instead of selecting a single tooth of the soldiers, you control the entire squad, sending out orders and using their unique skills and tools as you put the Locust(and flashes?) Forces. Turn-based tactics feels like a perfect marriage of brands and categories of gear.

Release date: April 28

8. Sports story


Golf Story Is such a fun and interesting game in 2017, and if the Sports story More of the same, but with a much wider variety of activities, then it’s perfect. In the trailer, our hero appears to have been in the past, he hopes to become a great golfer, and have found a new sports competition: tennis, volleyball, football, baseball, cricket. Sports story Looks like it will continue to have a wonderful charm and absurd humor, the first game from the box of the game, so cute.

Release date: mid 2020

9. Cyberpunk 2077


The Witcher 3 Is a hard act for anyone to follow, but CD Projekt Red seems to be putting its best foot before Cyberpunk 2077. A long teasing game finally arrived before the half, in 2020, it looks like a smile. The transfer from a third person, a people, and from the high fantasy…well…Cyberpunk, Cyberpunk 2077 Still looks like it is filled with some of the same basic idea, made recently The Witcher so special. What’s that, you ask? Focus on player choice, depth and diverse world to explore, we want the story, stay out of the common notions of good and evil in favor of something more morally ambiguous.

Release date: April 16

10. Super Meat Boy Forever


Super Meat Boy Is hands down, one of the best platform of all time. Super Meat Boy Forever Will undoubtedly be incredible when it finally comes out. Unlike the original game, this is a self runner, so you can’t stop and find out how to jump weave through the division of the spinning saw blade; only do it on the fly. It has been in development for years, it keeps getting pushed back, but that just means it is getting better.

Release date: late 2020


All of the many things we still don’t know the next generation of game hardware, that’s for sure: by the end of 2020, and the fans will have a new machine loose. Could be Nintendo fans too, if rumors of a more powerful Switch is true. There is nothing to say about any of these things, but by 2020, promises to bring some significant developments in the fan housing of the game.

Release date: 2020 may

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