10 things in tech you need to know today, August 17

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  1. The President of the King promulgated a new Executive order Friday seeking to force ByteDance sell the virus to the popular video app TikTok. The King’s command aims to retroactive effect ByteDance buy music. ly, the app that eventually became the TikTok, on the grounds that national security concerns.
  2. TikTok is our employees are preparing to sue the trump card of the government in fear that they will not get paid if the program is prohibited. The President signed an Executive order prohibiting us individuals and companies engaged in business with the TikTok China’s parent company, ByteDance.
  3. Facebook says Apple refused to reduce its application of storage costs of the social network of the new payment feature that can help small business owners in the epidemic. Facebook Executive Fidji Simo told Bloomberg, the social media giant tone of the Apple, so that”they can join us, and eventually give up their fees.”
  4. Facebook is the treatment of the Indian ruling party Bharatiya Janata Party Favor, let the politicians are after the content, calling for Muslims to be shot has no effect, according to a Wall Street Journal investigation. The magazine found a special Indian Administrative, Ankhi Das, against the applied Facebook’s hate speech rules of the Indian nationalists.
  5. Michigan is a 40-mile-long highway test self-driving cars. The project marks the first time in public infrastructure has been dedicated to the pursuit of the development of unmanned vehicles.
  6. Stream application Quibi contributed to TV and YouTube ads to promote its new wave of the program. The advertising push comes as Quibi has re-adjusted its platform and practices under a rough start in April.
  7. Self-driving cars can improve the profit margin Super, etc.!— Open the door to competition from Amazon and Tesla. Major technology and automotive companies such as Alphabet, Amazon, and Ezra the development of automatic driving system, they plan to integrate into the robotaxi service.
  8. Twitter CEO Jack West said want to work 20 hours a day, like Elon Musk is’bulls—‘. West said, the key is to find what works for you rather than reading what works for other famous founders.
  9. European club promoters to create a virtual nightclub in Berlin and turned away 40 000 people in the first night. The virtual place, with a 360-degree video dance floor with the thumping bass of a technical group and a visual range of the future of the greenhouse industry in a tunnel full of laser lights.
  10. New data from Wikipedia showed that the micro-the influence of most of the brands Instagram.. In a growing trend of influencer marketing, many brands of the employment impact of small but loyal followers.

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